The manufacturing of a high quality product starts with raw material sourcing and needs to be continued in the spinning process. Our top quality yarns are manufactured with the latest technological equipment available and are continuously adapted to new developments. We constantly search for improvements and make sure that our findings are immediately introduced into our production process. The entire manufacturing process is computer-monitored which allows us to detect and eliminate irregularities immediately. The winner is our customer. Thanks to its perfect yarn structure, our yarns can be processed in exclusive textiles without facing problems.

Due to the shortening fashion cycles, immediate availability is an important factor for success. We are glad to meet the extraordinary needs of our customers instantly. In several export markets we maintain warehousing facilities to accommodate our customers on time. With our quick response, we are able to make the impossible come true. We can support our customers in the processing of our yarns. With their expertise, our skilled textile technologists are available to consult with you.

To maintain a high level of quality and productivity in operating and observing the --40320 ring spindles we have installed in Faisalabad (Pakistan) with our speacialized units from where we are getting our regular supplies of yarns , a great deal of systematic and consequent work is required. Our modern production facilities, an accurate working environment and, most of all, our committed personnel make these demanding goals possible. Continuous training and education as well as a modern workplace enhance the motivation of our associates worldwide. For the future, the skills and the commitment of the Zohaib Ehsan Textiles will guarantee a perfect yarn quality and promising innovations for our customers.

Exclusive products need personal consulting. With our customers, we stay in close and personal contact. This is the only way to constantly improve our products and processes in order to meet the market requirements.

We like the challenge to meet even very special customer requirements in a short period of time. Your satisfaction is our goal. We are glad to support you - also in technical aspects.


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