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Zohaib Ehsan Textiles is the flagship company of the group name as Mona Impex which was formed in 1989 by President Mr.Ehsan-Ul-Haq Sheikh. Starting as a small commercial Exporter of Yarn and Grey Cloth to Far Eastern countries, the company developed rapidly and expanded its Exports to Europe also. The continuous growth and development of the business launched the group into Industrial activity in the year 2004 another group of company established name as Zohaib Ehsan Textiles by Mr.Sarmad Ehsan Sheikh and Ali Ehsan Sheikh. Starting with the very small Weaving facility, Zohaib Ehsan Textiles today the latest machinery for printing dying bleaching embrioderys , Weaving Mill with over 750 Looms and has just started most modern vertically integrated with auto sulzer and airjet machines.


Zohaib Ehsan Textiles (Group of companies) is recognized internationally in the world of Textiles and enjoying a strong reputation in respect of consistent quality, reliability and superb customer services. The Group has been a frequent running a successful family business .



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